Interpretation Services

We offer consecutive, simultaneous and whispering interpretation services across various industries and fields.

As a company based in Vietnam, using our rich network of interpreters in Vietnam, we can arrange for local interpreters residing close to the location of your event in Vietnam, or have them travel to neighbouring countries for interpretation. We also offer remote interpretation services, such as via the phone or video conference using Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp, etc.

Interpretation equipment (interpreter booth, wireless transmitters, receivers etc.) and a standby technician can also be arranged for simultaneous interpretation upon request.

Consecutive Interpretation

We offer consecutive interpretation service especially in Vietnamese-Japanese and Vietnamese-English language pairs.

Consecutive interpretation is commonly used for small group settings.

Our consecutive interpreters maintain a high level of professionalism and perform exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to facilitate interactions.

Simultaneous Interpretation

We offer simultaneous interpretation service which is generally used for large conferences, international meetings and/or environments where interpretation of two or more languages are required.

Simultaneous interpretation requires specialised skills and is more complex and strenuous to execute in comparison to consecutive interpretation.

Simultaneous interpreters will work in a group of two or more and sit in an isolated interpreter booth (or table).

They listen to the speaker through a headset and interpret simultaneously into a microphone, which is wirelessly transmitted to the headsets of the audience.

Whispering Interpretation

We also offer whispering interpretation service where the interpreter sits next to the person requiring interpretation and interprets what is being said by whispering to them.

Usually, no extra equipment is required as long as there are no more than two persons requiring interpretation.

The aim is to offer discreet language support in a group setting only to the persons requiring them without interfering with the progress of events.

Please contact us by email if you would like to enquire about our interpretation services.

General flow of an interpretation request

1. Enquiry via email

After receiving your enquiry, our coordinator or project manager will request for information on requirements for the interpretation.

Based on the information, they identify possible issues that may arise during the interpretation and discuss with you and the interpreters to propose the best solutions.

If you prefer, we can speak to you over the phone or come to your office to discuss details of the project.

2. Quotation

We send you a quotation based on your requirements taking into consideration the industry type, difficulty and the total number of assignment hours.

As you review the quotation, we select suitable interpreter(s) for your project and send you their profile.

3. Tentative booking

When you agree to the proposed interpreter, we will secure his/her schedule tentatively until we receive your order confirmation.

4. Order confirmation

Once we receive your confirmation, we will officially secure the interpreter’s schedule.

Charges apply if there is a cancellation or changes after confirmation.

5. Dispatching the interpreter

We will dispatch the interpreter at the specified date, time and location.

Guideline for Interpretation Fees

The following shows the guideline for our interpretation service fees when a local interpreter is dispatched in Vietnam.

We offer discounts if the order involves many assignment hours or days.

Please request for a “free quote” if you would like a detailed quotation for our interpretation service.

Fees for dispatching one Vietnamese-Japanese / Vietnamese-English interpreter (excluding tax)

Interpreting content Half day (4hours) Full day (8hours)
Consecutive Interpretation – Field trips / Sightseeing Tours 100 USD~ 150 USD~
Consecutive Interpretation – Exhibitions/Trade show 120 USD~ 180 USD~
Consecutive Interpretation – General Business Meetings 160 USD~ 250 USD~
Consecutive Interpretation – Director meeting, Legal /M&A / Financial Fields 330 USD~ 500 USD~
Consecutive Interpretation – Event, VIP, Press conferences 420USD~ 650USD~
Consecutive Interpretation – International conferences 520USD~ 800USD~
Simultaneous Interpretation / Whispering Interpretation 650 USD~ 1,000 USD~

Translation Services

We offer translation services such as Vietnamese-Japanese, Vietnamese-English and Japanese-English translation as well as editing, proofreading, DTP (desktop publishing) and notarisation services, etc.

for various documents across a wide range of industries.

General flow of an translation request

1. Enquiry / Request for a quote

Fill in and submit the form to send us an enquiry / request for a quote, or send us an email with the documents to be translated.

For urgent enquries, please call us at 84(0)28-38-222-669.

2. Quotation

We will send you an email with the quotation and lead time based on the document(s) shared with us.

The quotation is provided free of charge.

*If the documents are in non-editable file formats (i.e. PDF or JPG, etc.),a layout adjustment fee will apply.

3. Confirmation of the order from you

After reviewing our quotation, if you would like to proceed, reply to our email stating your intent to confirm the order.

Translation will only begin after we receive your confirmation email.

Please note that we may request for new corporate clients or individual customers to make payment in advance before we begin a translation.

4. Allocating a translator

Based on your requirements, we allocate a suitable translator and secure their schedule.

5. Proofreading

Our translators will check for any spelling errors or missed content.

Proofreading by a separate native speaker of the target language can be added at a separate charge.

They check that the translations have been translated accurately and appropriately.

6. Delivery

The translations will be delivered in the format specified by you.

The invoice will be issued and sent to you via email after the translations are delivered.

*If the deliverable does not meet your expectations, please provide feedback on the areas that need to be modified/revised and the reasons for them within 2 weeks from the date of delivery.

We will do our best to provide a revised/modified version of the deliverable. If there is no feedback within 2 weeks after the delivery, we will assume that it has met your expectations.

Translation Fees *All prices are not including tax

Guideline for Translation Fees

The following shows the guideline for our translation service fees for general documents and submission in Word file format.

We offer discounts for orders with large translation volume.

Please request for a “free quote if you would like a detailed quotation for our translation service.

Rates (USD) by Translation Language Pair (excluding tax)

Language Translation Fee
from Japanese to Vietnamese 2.6 cent〜 / word
from Vietnamese to Japanese 3.4 cent〜/ word
 from English to Vietnamese 1.3 cent〜/ word
 from Vietnamese to English 1.6 cent〜/ word
from English to Japanese 4.1 cent〜/ word
from Japanese to English 3.0 cent〜/ word